Long Sleeve

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What size should I order?

You can always refer to the size chart on the website. If you are between sizes, we recommend sizing up.

Do you carry inclusive sizes?

At Rose Boreal, we understand the importance of offering a wide range of sizes to accommodate all body types. Currently, we offer seven different sizes, ranging from 2 to 18 (XS to XXXL). As a small business, this is no small feat, but it's a commitment we take seriously. Our goal is to continue expanding our size range in the coming years to ensure that all women can experience the comfort and style of Rose Boreal. We are dedicated to inclusivity and believe everybody deserves to feel confident and beautiful in our products. Thank you for supporting us on this journey, and rest assured, we are always working towards offering even more size options in the future.

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Are your products sustainable?

At Rose Boreal, we're all about spreading good vibes and making a positive impact, starting with our planet. We're totally committed to keeping our earth happy and healthy, which is why we're super passionate about sustainability!

When it comes to our products, we're all about quality and longevity. Our gear isn't just stylish – it's built to last, using only the best sustainable materials. Take our reversible leggings, for instance. They're not just comfy and cute; they're also made from 80% recycled plastic bottles! How cool is that? It's our little way of showing Mother Earth some love.

What's more? We use sublimation, a heat transfer process that works beautifully on our recycled polyester fabrics, for our printing methods. Sublimation is an environmentally conscious approach to printing as it ensures harmful dyes do not enter waterways. Yeah, we found this pretty magical too ;)

Rose Boreal is also B Corp certified, which means we meet the highest social and environmental performance standards AND our natural fibers are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, which means they are free of harmful chemicals and, therefore, safe for those participating in the production process.

But don't just take our word for it! Dive into our materials and certification pages to get the lowdown on how we're making a difference. Together, let's spread good vibes and take care of our beautiful planet!

What does OEKO-TEX® mean?

The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a globally recognized certification system that ensures textiles are manufactured with minimal impact on the environment. This certification sets strict criteria for companies, particularly in terms of chemical usage and waste release.

At Rose Boreal, we are proud to say that many of our fabrics have been certified by the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. This certification underscores our commitment to producing eco-friendly and safe products for our customers.

What are your long sleeve shirts made of?

Our tops are made from organic cotton, Tencel, recycled polyester, recycled polyamide or a blend of these fibers. The fabric or fiber content on the item you love is indicated in the product description.

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How often should I wash my long sleeve shirt?

As often as you feel it is necessary. Washing your clothes less often is actually better for the planet and will free up some precious time for more exciting things. Don't worry, it doesn't involve wearing dirty clothes! Most of us do our laundry too frequently, and this uses more resources unnecessarily.

What is the best way to take care for my long sleeve shirt?

To maintain the quality of your Rose Boreal tops, we recommend washing them in cold water by hand or on a delicate cycle.

After washing, simply hang them to dry. You'll find that Rose Boreal tops dry quickly, so you can get back to wearing them in no time!

Can I put my long sleeve shirt in the dryer?

It is always best to avoid the dryer in order to prolong the life of your clothing. However, we have a little tip to restore softness and suppleness to your items! Once your item is completely dry from airdrying, run it on a no-heat cycle in the dryer with dryer balls for a few minutes. Softness restored!
Note: never put your items in the dryer with plush items or towels.

Can I iron my long sleeve shirt if it becomes wrinkled?

Yes, at a low temperature, if it is made from 100% cotton or a mixture of Tencel and cotton. To eliminate wrinkles, it’s best to steam or hang your items in the bathroom when you take a shower.

How do I remove stains from my long sleeve shirt?

Gently wipe any stains with mild soap and wash your garment following the care label instructions.

Can I use fabric softener when washing my long sleeve shirt?

At Rose Boreal, we love solutions that benefit us and the planet. Instead of using classic fabric softener, we do the following: add half a cup of baking soda to your laundry during the wash cycle and your clothes will come out soft and smelling fresh. Wool dryer balls are a natural alternative to fabric softener that can help eliminate static, reduce wrinkles and speed up drying time.

What should I do if my long sleeve shirt starts to pill?

Pilling is a natural process that happens to most fabrics — even the most luxurious ones. Pilling doesn't necessarily mean that the garment is made of a poor-quality fabric, nor is it a reason to throw away or return it. These pesky fabric pills result from normal wear and tear—broken clothing fibers on the surface become tangled together. Over time, these threads clump together, forming the characteristic lint ball stuck to your clothing. After washing and drying your clothes, look to see if any pills remain. If so, you can carefully remove them using a fabric comb or battery-operated pill/lint remover. These methods help carefully cut or scrape away the fabric pills so they are no longer attached to your clothing.

Are Rose Boreal long sleeve shirts suitable for maternity wear?

Yes, depending on your size. Right now, our sizes range from 2-18. We have a selection of oversized tops and crops that are great for maternity wear. We favor soft, natural materials often sought out by mums and expecting mothers because they are gentle on the skin.

How should I store my long sleeve shirt when not in use?

Simply fold and place it in your dresser like any other long sleeve top!

How should I dispose of my long sleeve shirt when it's no longer wearable?

We are working toward finding a recycling partner, and we hope to be able to offer you a solution to this issue soon. In the meantime, did you know that many Rose Boreal items can be turned into household washcloths when they are no longer wearable? The soft fibers of RB long sleeve shirts make fabulous facecloths ideal for removing makeup. Transform your end-of-life clothing into an ally for household chores!