RB Club

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How do I exchange my points?

You can exchange your points for rewards directly through the RB website. Simply navigate to the rewards section at the bottom of the home page, choose your desired reward, and follow the prompts to redeem your points.

How do I earn points?

You can earn points through various actions such as making purchases, referring friends, and engaging with our store through activities like signing up for newsletters or following us on social media. Each action earns you a certain number of points, which accumulate in your account.

What are the points worth?

The point are converted in dolars you can use a discounts. You can check the value of your points and the available rewards within the RB Club section on our website.

Can I earn points if I refer a friend?

Yes, you can earn points by referring friends to our store. When your friend makes a purchase using your referral link or code, you'll typically receive points as a reward for the referral.

Do I get my points back if I return an item for a refund?

Typically, points earned from a purchase are deducted from your account if you return the item for a refund. However, the specific policy may vary depending on our store's terms and conditions. Feel free to reach out to our customer support for further clarification.

I changed my mind and don't want to use my points. How can I get them back in my account?

Once points are redeemed, they are usually considered spent and cannot be returned to your account. However, if you haven't yet used the redeemed reward associated with the points, you may contact our customer support for assistance.

Where can I find my codes?

You can find your codes, such as referral codes or discount codes, in the RB club section of our website. Simply navigate to the designated section to view and access your codes.