Saving the Planet - 5 Documentaries You Need to Watch Now

Saving the Planet - 5 Documentaries You Need to Watch Now

"Climate change is the greatest threat to a sustainable future, but at the same time, addressing the climate challenge is a golden opportunity to promote prosperity, security and a better future for all."

Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations


Every day, our screens bombard us with all kinds of information. As our televisions blare and the Facebook posts cry out, alarming environmental facts unfold at a cheetah’s pace before our very eyes. And yet, we seem immune to and unphased by the widespread global catastrophe. Climate change, ocean pollution caused by human practices, the impacts of food and agriculture... Somehow, we’re able to trivialize the damage we’ve caused, and most of us go through life indifferent to the reality that sadly, we no longer can deny. 

Our daily overdose of images and information only serves to silence what should really be a wake-up call.  What once seemed far off in the future has now become frighteningly close. Our generations are already bearing witness to the melting ice caps, oceans that overflow with plastics, floods, storms, the extinction of countless species, the disappearance of the coral reef and countless other environmental tragedies.


We belong to this ecosystem. We believe we’re in control, but the truth is, we’re in the process of destroying the planet. 

What would happen if we actually took the time to fully understand the causes and stories behind all these endless global crises? If we actually saw how these issues are affecting our fellow humans around the world right at this moment? Can we unbury our heads from the sand, look the truth in the face and move forward with concrete and positive action?

At Rose Buddha, we are in love with the earth and the people who live there. This is why it’s so important to us to make you aware of these hard environmental truths. If we each do our part and educate our children on how to preserve and protect our beautiful planet, together, we can make a difference. For today, and for tomorrow's world.

5 documentaries your need to watch now to save the planet

Fueled by this vision and our love, Rose Buddha is presenting you with our top five, must-watch documentaries.

Though sometimes difficult to take in, these crucial films expose some of the most important issues of our time. We’re sharing them with you so you can watch and discuss them with your network and your loved ones. It is our hope that they inspire you to spread the word, and make the changes we need to save our planet.


Before the Flood

Known for his global commitment to the environment, heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio travels around the world to witness first-hand the devastating effects of climate change.

Follow his journey and learn what can be done to solve the imminent climate crisis. DiCaprio's commentary and investigations focus on the denial of climate change, mainly among corporate lobbyists and politicians in the United States.

Before the Flood : Watch the trailer here


The True Cost 

Second only to oil, the fashion industry is the most polluting industry in the world. Globally, the phenomenon of fast fashion is in full swing. With it, comes a highly disturbing slew of environmental and social consequences.

The True Cost tells the story of our clothing. The clothes we wear, the people who make them and the impact this industry has on our world. Over the past few decades, though the price of clothing has steadily declined, the cost to humans and our environment has risen instrumentally.  In this innovative documentary, The True Cost unveils the previously untold story of who’s really paying for our clothes.

Shot in countries around the world, The True Cost takes us on an unprecedented journey through glamour and darkness and into the places and the lives of the people behind the clothing we wear.

 The True Cost : Watch the trailer here



As so many countries face looming ecological, economic and social crises, could it be that what we need is a feel-good story, packed with solutions?

This documentary was born out of a response to a study predicting the potential disappearance of a portion of humanity before the year 2100. In this compelling film, Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent set off on a hopeful and curious expedition with four other people. Their exploration spans ten different countries as the crew investigates what might cause this fatal disaster and most importantly, what we can do to prevent it.

Over the course of their journey, they meet modern day pioneers who are in the process of reinventing agriculture, energy, the economy, democracy and education. Many of these positive, concrete solutions are already working and making an impact.

As our explorers place each of these small and large revolutions side by side, they are able to get a glimpse of what the world of tomorrow might bring...

 Tomorrow : Watch the trailer here


Mission Blue 

Directed by the Oscar-winning Fisher Stevens (director of “The Cove”) and Oscar-nominated Bob Nixon, this documentary stems from oceanographer and eco-activist Sylvia Earle’s urgent mission to expose the deplorable conditions of the Earth's oceans.

The film paints a tragic picture of our oceans that are rapidly dying due to pollution, overfishing and acidification. Earle rightly calls this phenomenon an ecological disaster, one that will soon have a devastating impact on all life on our earth.

 Mission Blue : Watch the trailer here 



What would you say if I told you that a single hamburger requires 3000 litres of water to make? This is the equivalent of the water you need to take a shower every day for two months!  

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret is a feature-length documentary on the environment, and the shocking truth about the world's most destructive industry. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation, water consumption and pollution. It releases more greenhouse gases than the transport industry and is the main factor in species extinction, habitat loss, the destruction of tropical forests, and virtually all other environmental problems. And yet, despite the evidence and access to study after study, world leaders continue to deny or at least conceal the inarguable facts 

 Cowspiracy : Watch the trailer here 

And we’ll leave it there for this batch of thought-provoking documentaries. We’re pretty sure they’ll inspire you to change your habits right away. They sure worked for us!

Unfortunately, there’s no Planet B, so we have to act now!

Join us today. 

With love for you and our planet,

Rose Buddha.




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