Our manifesto

After careful consideration, we have decided to change our brand name to better reflect our values and heritage. Our new name, Rose Boreal, celebrates our deep connection to Canada's beautiful forests, especially in Quebec, where our story began. We are excited about this new chapter and thankful for your support as we embrace our evolving identity.

Fast fashion.
Instant gratification.
No thank you.

We value the conscious choice to slow down, to live, act and consume in line with our beliefs. We choose and advocate for a sustainable way of life and know we are not alone in this mission. Because of community members like you, we continue to push the envelope of what is possible in design, aesthetics and sustainability. Taking risks and rolling the dice on big ideas is worth it if it means changing the status quo. The biggest drivers for change come from you; your collective spirit of optimism, shared vision and desire to create a brighter, more sustainable future assures us we are on the right track.

At Rose Boreal we are vigorously acting on what matters to us now more than ever. Eco-design, recycled fibers and a second life for our garments remain at the core of what we do. Pioneers from the start, we want to continue leading this change, and we can only do so by listening, learning, and adapting as we go.

Ultimately, we do what is most sensible to us as a brand and as people. We don't consent to the pressure to produce more and to consume more, where profit is valued over people and planet. We know that our production methods, chosen materials, standards and messaging are as important to you as they are to us. We are proud to have your support and we love seeing our inspiring community of doers and dreamers grow every day.

As the world around us continues to change, we will always strive for simplicity, beauty and respect in all that we do. As we evolve as a brand and as people behind the brand, one thing will remain constant: we will always encourage connection among one another and with our environment.

Together, let's return to the essentials: for us, for the planet.