Entrevue avec Florence-Léa Siry

Interview with Florence-Léa Siry

If Rose Buddha wants to save the planet one plastic bottle at a time, Florence-Léa Siry aims to do it by promoting "zero food waste." A pioneer in this approach to nutrition, she inspired Maxime and me from the very beginning because she was pushing for a new way of doing things, much like us! This is someone who has a lot to teach us, and we love it!

Let's take a look at her journey...

One could say that the zero food waste movement chose Florence-Léa Siry when she worked as a caterer on film sets. It was through learning to cook better that she became aware of environmental issues. It's worth mentioning that this came as a surprise because, since her childhood, she had done everything not to resemble her mother, a true environmental activist! It was through inventing recipes that she realized the extent of food waste and, consequently, the importance of taking care of the planet. Now an author and speaker, she demonstrates that giving 1, 2, 3 lives to food surplus is a daily pleasure.

Florence-Léa, what inspires you to move forward?
The future generations. They will be the ones dealing with climate challenges and will need to be resourceful to ensure a quality life.
What was the main obstacle you had to overcome?
When I started, zero waste wasn't trendy. Nobody felt concerned about the cause. I bought back the unsold copies of my first book and sold them one by one, explaining why zero waste was a resilient, economical, and creative way of life.
What do you wish for the future?
I wish for everyone to adopt a zero waste lifestyle by moving away from overconsumption. Since I embraced a minimalist lifestyle, since I chose to own less, I have never felt as rich and empowered as I do now.
What is your daily mantra?
Creativity is the best weapon to reduce waste and waste.
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