Interview With Patricia, Aka La Pimbêche

Interview With Patricia, Aka La Pimbêche

Interview With Patricia, Aka La Pimbêche

Perhaps you already know La Pimbêche from her exquisite artwork, some of it featured in the Rose Boreal x La Pimbêche Capsule Collection. Following our collaboration, we wanted to learn more about this Montréal-based artist. We love how she makes her creations right here in Quebec. But it was her refreshing take on feminism that convinced us that we absolutely had to work with her. Her messages are strong but true and gentle enough to be worn by women everywhere.


Hello La Pimbêche! Tell us what inspires you during the creation process.

I’ve been a feminist from the beginning. In my personal work, I transcend the norms and stereotypes we face every day. I go through life full of love and kindness, expressing my art with respect, empathy, and optimism. I gave myself the goal to approach feminism with a lightness, like a gentle breath of fresh air. So that together we can build a more accepting, inclusive society. When I create, I am always inspired by the world around me. Montréal culture has as much of an influence as everywhere else. For this collection with Rose Boreal, my main inspiration stemmed from my trip last January to Costa Rica. There I had the chance to connect with nature, practising mindfulness and self-love. I also got to visit Nosara, Costa Rica’s capital of yoga.


Why did you want to collaborate with Rose Buddha?

The Rose Boreal/La Pimbêche collaboration felt completely natural, born out of our mutual desire to promote our shared values of self-love, empowerment, confidence, acceptance, optimism, and respect. Maxime and I wanted to use La Pimbêche’s fabulous illustrations to convey what our two companies have in common. We also created the collection to celebrate the sacred feminine and inspire a journey to mindfulness. Through this capsule collection, Rose Boreal’s clothing serves as a visual medium for my drawings and illustrations. Each creation is designed to tell a story that speaks to our overlapping beliefs and ethics.


What is your hope for the future?

My dream is for my art and its message to go the distance and reach as many people as possible. I want to be part of unique and fabulous products. To build a more beautiful world and inspire the change we need to engage in meaningful conversations that let us grow as individuals and as a society. To make this happen, I firmly believe that the key lies in solidarity. And that’s why La Pimbêche partners exclusively with people and companies who share my vision and values.


What is your daily mantra?

I like to use positive affirmations, but my motto is, “You will never change the world if you keep doing what everyone else is doing.”

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