3 steps to creating your perfect morning routine

3 steps to creating your perfect morning routine

Waking up early has never been my cup of tea: like... never!

Getting out of bed with an alarm has always been a torture. (Maybe because my bed is too comfy?!)

When I became a mother, I had to get used to getting out of bed before sunrise. But it didn’t feel fulfilling to me, except, of course, for the fact that I was taking care of my little one.

Mommy needs time

Then came a point where I really needed time for myself. These moments had become non-existent, and it was beginning to truly affect my mind and my days. My attitude became increasingly negative and my level of patience reached dangerous limits. I could burst into tears very easily and was struggling with anger.

Mommy needed space and time.

But no one was going to give me any. I was the one and only person responsible for creating  this little happiness.

I had to face the truth: the only way I could get myself some alone time without going to bed at crazy hours (and burning myself down even more) was to get up before everybody in the house was awake. This meant 5 o'clock in the morning!

Yep ... not a super exciting plan at first sight. But with these 3 steps, I was able to create the perfect morning routine. Quickly it turned into a sacred ritual!

Let me say, as a professional snooze button hitter, throwing myself out of my warm bed without a real purpose has been challenging. But after several mornings, I could quickly see the benefits this moment of tranquility had on my mind and on my energy.

It was truly magical and addictive. I now look forward to it!

Set the mood

A loving note before going any further: no email, social media scrolling during this time. It goes against the very principle of taking time for yourself. Leave Facebook aside for an hour girl. Trust me it’s worth it.

So, here is how it has been for me over the past few months: I tiptoe down the stairs and go straight to the espresso machine.

Armed with my liquid energy, I light my flameless candles to create soft and calm lighting.

Then I sit in the living room, warm blanket on my knees, coffee in hand, and I close my eyes to savor this first deliciously-hot sip in the silence of the morning.

Wow! Heaven!

It's early, but I feel alive and present.

Connect with yourself

I really enjoy a meditation session with Rose Boreal. The morning meditations with Madeleine are just perfect: simple, short and authentic (and even funny), I quickly became addicted. At breakfast, my daughter has even started to ask me for the video of the blue lady!

Then, after connecting to my breath and focusing on my inner voice, I am ready for some morning pages: it's called journaling and it's sooooo powerful.

Free your mind with journaling

You don’t have to be inspired or gifted with words to practice daily journaling. You only  need a notebook (the one you like the most) and a nice pen that feels great to write with. That's it.

The goal is to let go of your thoughts on paper in order to free your mind. Those pages could be all about gratitude, what inspires you, your ideas, your intentions, your little victories, something that’s bothering you, or anything else that is going on in your head.

You suddenly have room to welcome a brand new day! Just let it out!

It may seem intimidating at first, because we are facing ourselves, our thoughts, our truths, but no one is there to judge. It's yours and it's precious. Keep it real girl!

It's just as liberating as it is practical, and what's truly amazing is that there are no rules to follow.

Actually, there might a tiny rule to respect: don’t use these pages to write down your to-do list ... use this moment to connect with yourself, the true essence of who you are and what you do well. You will have the whole day to make a bunch of to-do lists ;-)

Your well-being

This morning ritual has improved my well-being as a mother. I finally have quality time with myself, and later I can enjoy the morning routine with my family.

I am more patient and I'm in a good mood. Everyone wins.

I notice a big difference in my attitude since I changed the way I started my days.

We are all different. We have different needs. If doing a yoga session or even going for a run is what makes you feel good, get up and do it. Start your day with the feeling of having accomplished something for yourself. It's a big win!

The morning ritual is a sacred moment just for you to repeat every day.

There are no rules. Make it your own. It's your happiness and you're the only one responsible for it. Keep this in mind forever!

Catherine Blanchet


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