Rose Buddha lance le mois du slow living en janvier

Rose Boreal is launching the GOslow month in January.

After co-authoring the books "À go on ralentit" in 2019 and "La Petite maison: Guide pour une vie 'slow'," Maxime Morin, co-founder of Rose Boreal, a Quebec-based eco-friendly yoga clothing and accessories company, continues her journey with an initiative aimed at slowing down. Therefore, Rose Boreal is launching GOslow, the month of slow living, in January 2023.

After the whirlwind of the holiday season and the social pressure that comes with famous resolutions, January is the perfect month to take a break. "At Rose Boreal, we wanted to overturn the trend of resolutions and performance by offering an anti-challenge challenge, which consists of slowing down to start the year off right," explains Maxime Morin, co-founder.

What is slow living?

It is the art of being present in one's own life and living more consciously. Making informed choices, learning to say no to stop overloading one's schedule with activities that do not align with the direction one wants to give to their life, expresses Maxime. Slow living is a subject that has fascinated Maxime Morin for a long time.

Free tools for slowing down

Rose Boreal provides you with the tools to succeed in slowing down. They will accompany you throughout the month of January via their various online platforms by sharing daily reflections and advice, gentle reminders to breathe, go outside, etc.

"We want to encourage people to slow down for just a few minutes a day. Take the time to pause and ask yourself questions. How am I doing today? How do I feel right now? What can I do for myself today to take care of myself?" suggests Maxime.

Participants in the month of slow living will also have access to exclusive yoga classes and meditation breaks, as well as interviews with inspiring personalities to learn about their relationship with the speed of life and their tips for slowing down.

A gift to oneself   

To encourage people to take care of themselves, Rose Boreal offers a special box (sold for $95) for the month of slow living, containing a variety of self-care items, including healthy treats from Prana, a beautiful candle, a reusable bamboo mug, a bath foam from Selv Rituel, herbal infusions from Tisanerie Mandala, the book "La petite maison," and other beautiful items carefully selected from Quebec businesses.

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