The phases of the moon and how they affect you

The phases of the moon and how they affect you

Since the dawn of time, the moon has always held a special place for most cultures - revered for its rhythms - and for connecting with its inner state as well as the surrounding world.

This star of the night among other things allowed ancient civilizations to measure time as well as to develop rituals. First Nations often refer to her as "Grandmother Moon", emphasizing her deeply feminine nature. In astrology, the moon also possesses a great divine feminine energy - yin - which influences our deepest emotional state. Conversely, yang energy is amplified when the sun shines on a full moon and brings us into action mode.


Each month, the moon begins a new cycle around the earth. As for you, this lunar divinity also goes through various phases. Over the past century, thanks to the rise of digital technology, we have forgotten the magic of this ancient celestial object. Yet by following the monthly moon dance, you have the chance to create a natural program fueled by the inherent energy of the moon.

Vanessa DL, Witch - who teaches esotericism, such as tarot, among other things - and Speaker also shares with you her great expertise on the subject. It is interesting to learn that she compares the lunar cycle to that of a flower. Beauty which must also fade, to better regenerate itself afterwards. These phases of productivity undoubtedly influence our energy as well as our mood.

What are these major phases that can influence your energy?


In brief

The moon has no light of its own. The moonlight that we see on Earth is actually sunlight reflected off the grayish-white surface of the moon. The amount of light that we see changes during the monthly lunar phases (more specifically every 29.5 days), as the moon orbits the earth and the earth revolves around the sun.

When the moon revolves around the earth, the sun lights up regardless of which side of the moon is facing it. For the sun, it's always a full moon!

When sunlight hits the far side of the moon, it is called a new moon.

As the sunlight reflects off the near side, it is called the full moon.

The rest of the month, we observe parts of the diurnal side of the moon, or phases. These 8 phases are, in order: new moon, quarter moon, first quarter, crescent gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter, and waning crescent.

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1-The new moon

A lunar cycle begins with the new moon, when it is between the earth and the sun. At this time, it is still very present in the sky, but invisible to the human eye. The new moon is always positioned in the same astrological sign as the sun.

Get inspired! You might think that the almighty moon reminds you of the powers that lie within you. We often admire him in times of reflection, loneliness, or wonder. The darkness of this phase allows a deeper self-examination. This is an opportunity to openly listen to your intuition - without letting yourself be influenced by external situations - and to define your life intentions more clearly. Just as the moon shines on the sun, your feelings are brought to light so that you can work on them. New lunar cycle =  new change of life!

Questions to throw into the universe:

What do I want deep inside me?

What are my values ​​that I want to respect?

What do I need in my life to reach my full potential?

Yoga: The new moon brings more forward bending poses.



2-The quarter moon and the half moon

Then follows the waxing phase. At this point, the moon has made its way a quarter around the earth, illuminating our skies. It collects the light needed to give you additional energy.

Create! This cosmic energy helps you form new ideas to later solve certain life issues in full creativity. Continue your meditation practice to receive sound advice and improve self-knowledge. Search for potential collaborations, combining the same fields of interests and values. Now is the time to take action. For any big dream to come true, it takes time and alignment of your efforts. It’s not the easiest phase, but oh so rewarding afterwards.

Questions to throw into the universe:

What is essential to put my plans into action?

What networks and partnerships could help me achieve my dreams?

What are the new foundations that I would be able to build for myself?

Yoga: The quarter moon or half moon leads more to standing poses (anchorage and strength).



3-The full moon

As the moon continues its journey around the earth, it creates light until it is finally full, marking half of the cycle. The sun and the moon are now opposite each other in our sky (this is why the full moon rises when the sun goes down). This is the pinnacle of the lunar cycle which therefore provides a natural peak. The moon shines for in its fullest and most sparkling expression.

Share! This is a chance to share these new pieces of yourself with others and to have long conversations deep in the night. Now is the time to step out of your fear of vulnerability and let others see you in a new light.

But as much of its "magical" powers can train you to make your dreams come true, they are also responsible for your sleepless nights and mood swings. This opposition can be filled with emotional tension and bewilder you. But this dynamic relationship and electrifying energy add a touch of excitement to the atmosphere. Harness this energy to help you overcome any obstacles that may have arisen in the past few weeks. Dedicate this time to more difficult tasks or to doing things that seem impossible. Down with procrastination! Astrologically, full moons are the time to take action. When the moon is the brightest, we focus on doing the work necessary to translate our dreams.

Vanessa DL strongly suggests, if your reality allows it, to use that creative rush that exposes you to expansion, even at night. Use it instead of fighting it in order to fuel your intentions for life.

The full moon can also be a time to relax or dance until dawn. It's been two weeks since the new moon and since then you have been working on yourself. Full moon periods are great bridges to provide you with tools to purify yourself and let go of what no longer serves you (also during the last quarter / phase of the moon).

Questions to throw into the universe:

What better version of myself do I want to show to those around me?

Who am I now?

How can I integrate my dreams in symbiosis with my new identity?

Yoga: Several yoga practices are dedicated to the moon, full moon, and the ability to connect to one's feminine power. Yoga is a wonderful way to remember what it is like to reconnect with the most intuitive, natural and holistic aspects of ourselves.

The full moon brings more to open heart poses.

The full moon (48 hours window) is the best phase to express your gratitude, among other things through meditation.


Full moon rituals still alive today


Lunar rituals have been around for many centuries. Evidence of moon worship has been discovered in archaeological excavations around the world, from the ancient Celts to the Egyptians. This is an opportunity to come together as a community, release negative energies and glorify what has been accomplished since the new moon.

Vanessa DL recommends participating in certain rituals to help set up a certain routine so you can benefit from the various phases of the moon. In other words, rituals mark a point in time and space. For example, at the height of a retreat, Vanessa likes to use the letting go ceremony around the fire. She suggests that participants write down on a piece of paper the elements they want to leave behind - during a full moon - and then burn them. It’s very liberating!


  • Full moon dance in Mexico: to venerate Mother Earth. Some secrets date back to ancient times, showing circles of women dancing under the moon, praying with the tobacco leaf.
  • Hindu full moon ritual Purnima: praying to the element of water (the ancient belief is that the moon is the controller of water) and Lord Vishnu. Shiva is the consciousness of the moon, while Shakti is his soul.
  • Shamanic ritual of the descent of the moon: honors the spirit of the natural world. The full moon is worshiped through rituals involving burning sage, cleansing, singing, dancing, and meditation, inducing the trance state of higher consciousness.
  • Pagan Wiccan Full Moon Ritual: Seasonally, to influence crop fertility, while singing and dancing in sacred circles. Pagan ceremonies include among other things the cleansing of energy by burning sage.
  • Crystal bath in the light of the full moon: To calm the mind and body, take a hot "moon bath," filled with rose petals or calendula as well as essential oils. Ayurvedic wisdom says that the Pitta dosha is most active during a full moon, which means that one may experience more irritability, inflammation of the skin, or heightened emotions.


Want to celebrate the full moon in a more festive way?

All over the world, we find these ceremonies that last all night in honor of the full moon. The lunar vibrations bring a “raw” energy, inducing dances, songs, bonfires, and this, under the sound of percussions or other intoxicating music. Here are 7 full moon parties you shouldn't miss:

  • Apple Bay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands (BVI)
  • Gili Islands, Indonesia
  • Benirras beach, Ibiza, Spain
  • Kendwa Beach, Zanzibar, Tanzania
  • Morada Bay, Islamorada, Florida Keys
  • Copacabana Hotel, Jaco Beach, Costa Rica
  • Haad Rin Beach, Koh Phangan, Thailand



4-The last or 3rd trimester

Finally, the moon goes back in its waning phase until it all starts again with the new moon. The brightness of it is also starting to decline.

Let it go! You have to know how to put aside once and for all those ideas that do not correspond to your plans and to make room for new perspectives. This phase requires really pushing your thinking, in all sensitivity and transparency with yourself, in order to better understand what may not be working. It is not always easy to let go of certain situations or reflexes, as by default we focus on what we know and that we are inclined to stay in our comfort zone. The last quarter gives us space to let go, reflecting the moon as it returns to its starting point.

Vanessa DL reminds you that this symbolic period of discernment, revision, reorientation and observation is as important as the other phases. Unfortunately, in our performance-driven western society, we seem to value less having to lay down and stop in order to regenerate. Vanessa places particular emphasis on this phase by trying to better equip people. We remember the cycle of a flower!

Questions to throw into the universe:

What are the intentions that I would like to change?

What is not doing me a favor and holding me back from reaching my full potential?

What works for me, but what should I also continue to improve and work more on?

Yoga: The last or 3rd trimester brings more twist poses and working on the digestive system.



Vanessa DL suggests that you take the time to note how you feel from one phase of the moon to the next in order to try not only to better perceive their effects on you, but also to collaborate with them. Juggle between the phases of opening up to the world (active) and those of returning to oneself (passive). Understanding the natural cycle of the phases of the moon is very calming!



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