The 6 BEST places in Quebec for a wellness, yoga and meditation retreat

In Quebec, the trend to treat yourself to a wellness stay has been growing steadily for the past 10-15 years. Young people in their twenties and thirties also seem to show a greater interest than before. This has resulted in more active and alternative wellness travel offerings: SUP yoga, surfing, salsa, hiking, living nutrition workshops, or even a complete detox.

To bring a certain sweetness to your couple relationship this fall, or take time for yourself this winter, or finally plan that girlfriends retreat for next summer, we suggest 6 favorite places in Quebec where you can enjoy yoga lessons and retreats, tested and approved!

Why offer yourself a wellness retreat?

Wellness stays and are not new! There’s thalassotherapy from ancient Greece and the spars of Roman times, however these were reserved for the elite!

The somewhat stressful environment in which our Western societies gravitate has, among other things, led people to seek more therapeutic kinds of experiences.

• To recharge your batteries;

• To take care of yourself;

• To refocus on the essentials and seek a better balance in your daily life;

• To celebrate significant birthdays, often when reaching 30, 40, 50 and so on.

• To go completely off the grid;

• To cut yourself off from your environment and leave before breaking everything in your relationship and at work;

• To find moments of solitude;

• To take stock of your life and perhaps even to help you make some difficult and life changing decisions ;

• To the the chance to share and "connect" with other people with similar interests...

Discover yours Essentials to Participate in a Yoga Retreat!



1- Ashram Sivananda, Val-Morin, Laurentides

A classic! Open since 1963, the ashram traditionally receives foreign students coming for their 1-month training to become yoga teachers. But with the current world situation and restricted foreign travel there are now more single women and men, groups of friends and even families who come to spend a long weekend seeking peace and calm, but also a physical benefit. A retreat of 1 or 2 weeks is ideal in order to unhook (pause external stimuli), feel the beneficial effects of meditating in full awareness and rebuild a certain eating routine, sleep and yoga practices. If you’re lucky, you might take a class with some of their guests teachers working in the field of music, Ayurvedic medicine, psychology, ecology and more. The 5 principles followed by the teaching of Sivananda are: Exercise, Deep Breathing in the abdomen, Relaxation, Healthy and vegetarian food as well as Concentration and positive thinking. The single or double rooms (often with 4 beds, but private for the moment following the same "bubble") are spartan, but clean and peaceful. A sauna is also available.

Here is an example of a typical program:

Arrival (Friday)

3:00 p.m. Arrival

4:00 p.m. Yoga class

6:00 p.m. Dinner (vegetarian, tasty and generous)

7:30 p.m. Satsang

Daily schedule

5:30 am Wake up

6h00 Satsang (indoors or by walking towards Lake Raymond)

8h00 Yoga class

10:00 a.m. Brunch (vegetarian, tasty and generous)

10:45 am Karma yoga

1:00 p.m. Conference

4:00 p.m. Yoga class

6:00 p.m. Dinner (vegetarian, tasty and generous)

7:30 p.m. Satsang

Departure (Sunday)

5:30 am Wake up

6h00 Satsang (indoors or by walking towards Lake Raymond)

8h00 Yoga class

10:00 a.m. Brunch (vegetarian, tasty and generous)

11am Departure

Click here to view all yoga classes and retreats offer at the Ashram Sivananda.



Photo copyright: Ariane Arpin-Delorme

*Karma yoga: Represents an altruistic service or a way of seeing a task (cleaning for example) from another angle, by meditating and discovering oneself. It helps to learn to act in a detached way (let go) so that you can leave them behind later.
*Satsang: Corresponds to a spiritual discourse or sacred gathering. The term refers to the assemblies that are formed around a guru whose teaching is based on the principles of non-duality. Other definitions: "to be in the company of the truth", and by extension "the company of the wise" or "to gather the true in oneself".


2- Le Baluchon Eco-Villégiature, Saint-Paulin, Mauricie

Photo copyright: Le Baluchon Éco-Villégiature

Le Baluchon is one of the best SPA and well-being references in Quebec: A gentle blend of relaxation, fine dining and the outdoors, on a magnificent 25km2 domain. Yoga classes offered at all times on Fridays, Saturday Sunday indoors (Table du Roy with large windows) or in enveloping nature a new outdoor platform has just been launched in September 2021! Enjoy the full thermal experience by receiving a massage "over the water". Hike on the 35 km of marked trails in the middle of a protected forest: The size of the territory and the diversity of activities really make you feel alone in the world! Discover new experiences and pleasures while respecting the environment, heritage and history!

*Stay tuned for upcoming Shinrin yoku (forest bath) meditation and wellness and personal development retreats.

Put on your most beautiful eco-friendly leggings and give yourself this well-deserved quality time!




3 -Monastère des Augustines

A non-profit organization whose primary mission is heritage conservation. Augustines Monastery was opened to the public in 2015 and offers comprehensive health programming. Following the routine, as the 8 Augustines still do in one of the oldest inhabited monuments in North America, is sure to get you off the hook. Soak up the calm and harmony among the works that bear witness to their passing, objects steeped in history and cherished by the Augustines since 1639. You will have the wonderful feeling of sleeping in a museum. For the well-being of body and soul on a daily basis (or for a few days): yin yoga and qi gong classes; pilates retreat with Chérhine Saiah, Afghan meditative walk; yoga / meditation / breathing retreats with Lyne St-Roch, My Dream Life retreats with Christine Michaud; massage therapy treatments and ayurvedaworkshops; dance therapy; apprentice herbalist workshops and Tibetan bowl concerts. Everything is thought of in this haven of peace to encourage you to disconnect: A quiet place, authentic rooms free from all distractions, lunches taken in silence with beneficial effects; meals designed according to the principles of mindful eating.


4- Spa Eastman, Eastman, Eastern Townships

Photo copyright: Spa Eastman

It must be said that Spa Eastman is unique in its kind! They offer you an all-inclusive vacation package available from 3 to 14 nights. Including 3 meals a day of fine healthy cuisine, access to the gym, swimming pools, baths-hammams, treatments, hiking trails as well as a multitude of daily wellness activities (tonic yoga / kundalini / aqua, taking care of your back, qi gong, aqua tai chi, muscle tone and stretching, essentrics, self-massage, etc.)

A big plus: a consultation service if necessary with therapists and coaches (naturopaths, osteopaths, fasciatherapists, yoga therapists, sports trainers, body awareness teachers through movement and integral development coaches).

A host of guided retreats (oncological yoga, yoga fitness and well-being with WETREAT, meditation, Ayurvedic lifestyle with Krystine St-Laurent, revitalizing juice treatment (signature of Spa Eastman), invigorating cuisine, the art of being yourself, Afghan walk, neuroscience and healing discoveries, appeasement of mourning, etc.) are also offered.


5- Convent Val Morin, Val-Morin, Laurentides

Photo copyright: Yoga camp retreat / Couvent Val-Morin

These 2 splendid private estates, the Villa du Lac (formerly a congregation of the Sisters of St. Mary) and the Havre du Rocher (formerly a B&B) have been welcoming with open arms group retreats for the last 8 years, receiving almost exclusively women. (In summer 2021, the hostel opened for individuals, pop-up type - to be confirmed for the year 2022). Located right next to the P’tit Train du Nord bike path, in a vast wooded area on the shores of Lake Raymond, the place is a haven of peace for a weekend of reflection and for the outdoors.Go yourself to Sainte-Marguerite Falls. There’s is a large indoor cafeteria-type dining room, an outdoor area, several bedrooms with either 2 or 4 beds, and other lounges where you can read and relax on the sofas. There are large gardens with a swimming pool and hammocks to laze on.

For yoga and SUP yoga lessons in the area, visit: Le Shed studio / Echo Aloha, Morin Heights, Laurentides

Photo copyright: Le Shed Studio

*Take advantage of 2 free courses until October 17, 2021 to introduce you to new courses and meet the instructors. Registration required.

*To encourage you to resume your flow, the Shed studio is offering you a discount on the price of the 5 and 10 class cards. Offer valid until October 16, 2021 (and to be used before December 31, 2021).


6 -Hôtel UNIQ, Domaine Saint-Bernard, Mont-Tremblant, Laurentians

Photo copyright: Hôtel UNIQ

Do you want to experience a boho chic stay, but convivial, almost like the community spirit that reigns in a youth hostel? This is the unique, caring glamping experience you need! This nomadic and eco-responsible village - the only concept of this type in Quebec - travels in the summer season in 2 or 3 regions. Isolated in the middle of nature. Kitchen area, sanitary facilities, outdoor fireplaces and fresh coffee every morning. Every Saturday evening, local musicians perform bring the place to life, different daily activities as well as yoga retreats (for example in collaboration with Dosha yoga) are held occasionally.

Photo copyright: Ariane Arpin-Delorme

15 spacious yurt-type tents welcome you at Domaine Saint-Bernard in the Laurentians until October 11. What better way to celebrate the arrival of autumn than a stay in the middle of nature?

*UNIQ offers you a last minute discount of 25% by entering the promo code: tremblant-UNIQ25

*Follow us to find out their 2022 destinations and their future intuitive wellness retreats.

Take this time for yourself, as no one else can!


*This article will be updated once or twice a year to keep you informed of new yoga and meditation retreats offered in these locations or elsewhere.

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