Eco-Responsible Cork Yoga Mat Description

Eco-Responsible Cork Yoga Mat.  Find your balance from the inside out with Rose Buddha’s new eco yoga mat.

From forward bends to inversions, this essential practice companion lets you build your foundation, whether your goal is to ground or take flight.

It offers support through your postures and flow, and a sweet resting place for savasana. We wanted to inspire a journey into your heart and your own inner strength, both physical and spiritual.

Your yoga mat is your “safe space” you can return to again and again to connect and reconnect with yourself.

Gorgeous illustrations by Quebec artist Émilie Beaudoin:

  • Lake Louise: an invitation to slow down and take a moment for yourself
  • Ostara: which represent the nature awakening, the butterfly spreading it's wings and taking flight.
  • Hamsa Bloom: luck and freedom protection symbol


  • Dimensions: 1830 mm X 610 mm X 5 mm
  • Made of organic cork and natural, recyclable, biodegradable rubber 
  • Non-slip, anti-bacterial, and anti-allergenic
  • Cork surface offers superior grip and stability

Enjoy the gift of a beautiful, all-natural yoga mat.