10 spots to paddle board in Quebec

10 spots to paddle board in Quebec

You might not be too surprised to learn that the popularity of paddleboarding has "been making waves" in recent summers in Quebec, as elsewhere. A happy mix of surfing and kayaking, accessible to all, it’s the perfect water activity to test your balance, even more so when practicing yoga.

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Here are 10 favorite places to experience the famous SUP (Stand Up Paddle) and let yourself glide upon the water.


1.Rivière-des-Mille-Iles Park, Laval

Paddle Board in Laval

The labyrinth of water and vegetation in Rivière-des-Mille-Îles park and its 4 courses are the perfect place to learn SUP or practice on a regular basis. From the descent of the reception station in Laval, you can link the km between Boisbriand and Rosemère, using the self-guided circuits of the park. Stops are planned on the islands, where you’ll find interpretive signs and stations for bird watching and picnics. The Seventh Heaven circuit - between the 13 and 15 bridges - leads around Gagnon Island to enter Cordeau Marsh, populated by herons, ducks, beavers and turtles. Easy to navigate, it’s almost always hidden from the wind thanks to the many surrounding islands.

Equipment rental, initiation courses or guided tours can be booked with the Rivière-des-Mille-Îles park itself.

Launching is free or not depending on the location.

2.Red River, Laurentians

Paddle Board in Red River, Laurentians

Photo copyright: Kayak & Cabana

Its 161 km route allows you to enjoy the joys that nature has to offer. Located in the heart of the municipality of Labelle, the Rouge River is the perfect place to start paddle boarding and also great for the family, as it is shallow. Surrounded by magnificent landscapes of islets and deserted beaches at every turn, you feel alone in the world. With the current, you can paddle or just relax to advance along the river. If the activity is done independently, you’ll need to leave a car at the end of the route. We can see the sandy bottom, with its red tint.

Equipment rental and return shuttle transportation can be booked with Kayak Cabana for a 12 km route of approximately 3 hours.

Launching is free or not depending on the location.



3.Cherry River Marsh, Eastern Townships

Over a distance of about 7 km - between Mont Orford Park and Lake Memphremagog - you paddle through this pretty marsh with shallow waters of the Rivière aux Cerises. Created in the Ice Age, it gained ground thanks to the dams built in 1797 to meet the needs of the city of Magog. Flowing into Lake Memphremagog, this is the opportunity to continue exploring the surroundings. Depending on the distance to be covered, beginners and intermediates can paddle board among the turtles. Towards the end, it feels like you're in a Louisiana bayou with the trees curving over the water, the scenery is so breathtaking.

Equipment rental, introductory lessons or guided tours can be booked with Vie de Plein air.

Launching is organized at the Memphrémagog Sailing Club via the Cantons beach.



4.Boucherville Islands Park, Montérégie

Paddle Board in Boucherville Islands Park

Photo Copyright: Portail Constructo

Easily accessible, the 8 km loop around the 5 small islands of Parc des Îles-de-Boucherville is a must. Once you’ve passed the crowded channel and the exposed portion of the river, you descend into a labyrinth of marshes where ducks and herons hide. Soon the only sounds you can hear are birdsong and the wind blowing through the tall grass. An excursion of around 3 hours in SUP, among the lush greenery with the Olympic Stadium in the background, is an experience in itself. One of the best times is the early evening to enjoy a beautiful sunset. You just need to be very vigilant for the motor boats around there.

Equipment rental, initiation courses or guided tours can be booked with the Parc des Îles-de-Boucherville itself.

Launching is free or not depending on the location.



5.Vague à Guy, Montreal

Stand Up Paddle Board in Montreal

Photo Copyright: KSF

One of the favorite spots for surfers is undoubtedly la vague à Guy, located at Parc des Rapides. Rain or shine, she is there for beginners and intermediates who want to discover the joys of paddle boarding on waves (instead of a calm body of water). Ideal for experimenting as well as refining your techniques, we recommend going there early in the morning or at sunset on weekdays. The experience of the wave is intense and memorable.

The rental of equipment, introductory course or guided "Discovery" course can be booked with KSF, a pioneer in the field in Quebec.



6.River Missisquoi, Eastern Townships

Yoga and Paddle Board in Quebec

Despite its native-sounding name which reminds us more of forests, the Missisquoi flows through the hollows of a bucolic valley, bordered by farms and fields. Calm water - on a downdraft on an old Abenaki passage - that beginners and experienced paddlers will appreciate. This shallow river is perfect for getting started with SUP. Several places are also perfect for swimming.

Equipment rental, or guided tours with shuttle can be booked with Canoe & Co, offering between 3 to 5 daily departures. With your car previously parked at your point of arrival and a shuttle to take you to the point of departure, you can leave with peace of mind and cover the 12 or 15 km at your own pace.

Launching can be done in a dozen of places.


7.Grosse Île au Marteau, North Shore

SUP in Quebec, Grosse Île au Marteau


Photo Copyright: Les Vagues - Loisirs marins

Despite the distance travellito get there, the Côte-Nord region and its gems are well worth the trip. Among other things, Grosse Île au Marteau is a great place to paddle alongside whales. From the blond sandy beaches of Havre-Saint-Pierre, a 6 km route guides us to the Mingan archipelago. A bit more difficulty is to be expected, since there are waves and wind. On the other hand, it is a memorable and unique experience to live at least once in your life.

Equipment rental, introductory sea SUP or SUP yoga lessons or a guided course with a shuttle boat on the return trip can be booked with Les Vagues - Loisirs marin.

Launching is free or not depending on the location.



8.Havre aux maisons, Pointe-Basse, Magdalen Islands

Paddle Board in Havre aux maisons, Pointe-Basse, Magdalen Islands

Photo Copyright: Cindy Hook

Islands are not just great for surfing and kite surfing, but also for paddle boarding. Plus, it's the best way to really get up close to the cliffs and explore the red sandstone caves and dunes. Not to mention the chance of playing with the seals! The possibilities are endless: SUP at sunrise and sunset, gourmet SUP, SUP Yoga, SUP in apnea and SUP for girls or guys. Be careful however, due to the wind, SUP experience and an understanding of the tides and currents are necessary to paddle in this region.

Equipment rentals, introductory lessons or guided tours can be booked with Cindy Hook.

Launching is free or not depending on the location.


9.Bonaventure River, Gaspesia

Stand Up Paddle Board in Gaspesie

Photo Copyright: Cime Aventures

It’s the clarity of the Bonaventure River that makes it a little gem for paddle boarding. With luck, schools of salmon can be seen swimming at your feet. On the way, you come across class 1 and 2 rapids. Be careful of the shoals and rocks.

Equipment rental, initiation lessons or guided tours with return shuttle can be booked with Cime Aventures, especially as access to the river is restricted.

Launching is from the St-Alphonse footbridge.


10.Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie National Park, Charlevoix


Stand Up Paddle Board in Charlevoix

Photo Copyright: Sepaq

Rivière-Malbaie, an integral part of Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie National Park, offers the highest walls since the eastern Rocky Mountains of the West! Breathtaking landscapes guaranteed during your SUP trips.

Equipment rental, initiation lessons or guided tours can be booked with the Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie National Park.

Launching is free or not depending on the location.

The collaborative application Go Paddle identifies the little gems to play in the water in Quebec, as everywhere in the world. And a look at the Windy app is a great habit to have before every ride. 


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Chaudière-Appalaches: Saint-François river;

Laurentians: Saint-François-Xavier lake;

Mauricie: Saint-Pierre lake;

Monteregie: Chambly basin and Peace islands in Beauharnois;

Montreal: Navi space, Sisters islands, Notre-Dame-de-Île-Perrot, Jean-Drapeau park and Anse-à-l'Orme nature park;

Outaouais: Kenauk-Nature reserve;

Quebec: Beauport bay.


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