Interview With Dominique, Founder of Les Belles Combines

Interview With Dominique, Founder of Les Belles Combines

Dominique Bernèche is the mother of seven children. You read that right—seven precious little darlings. While life is full and beautiful, we imagine there’s the odd meltdown every now and then. Luckily, girl boss Dominique has created a toolbox of tricks on how to manage home, family, and the to-do list that comes when you live with one or several tiny humans. Dominique makes it all look easy. Designed to help parents get organized, her books, planners, and accessories will guide your household through task boards, budgeting, weekly planning, batch cooking, and of course, morning routines. We had the chance to sit down with this EXTRAordinary woman and her insight was life-changing. Enjoy the interview.


Hello Dominique! Can you tell us a little bit about your journey and how you came to launch Les Belles Combines? 

So, I am 41 years old and the mother of seven children 11 and under. For a few years, I was a primary school teacher. I got the idea behind Les Belles Combines when I was pregnant with my third child. In addition to child development, I’ve always been passionate about organization in all its forms. To promote my children’s independence and make my life way easier, I came up with a bunch of fun and playful tricks. My sister is a trained graphic designer and she helped me transform my ideas into products. So now Quebecois families everywhere can benefit from my solutions—my tools help them simplify their day-to-day organization and enjoy a more serene family life. Last year, I also added “author” to my credentials. I had the opportunity to publish Les Belles Combines, featuring game-changing tips for today’s families. The book consolidates the values, visions, habits, and routines that guide my family choices and help me stay organized.

I am now the number one influencer for my company Les Belles Combines. At first it was my mission to inspire Quebecois families, but my reach has extended to European families since my company has begun to ship internationally. As much as I can, I try to share the many elements of my family both at conferences and on social media. I want my followers to see how I help my children to grow in independence. Our tools and games at Les Belles Combines are super helpful, but education and a positive attitude are also very important.


What inspires you to keep going? 

Above all, my family, but that’s no surprise. Of course, whenever I create something new to help my family thrive, I’m always thinking of my clients. Everything eventually finds its way into our products and subscriptions. I also derive inspiration from my children and their journey, and my relationship. And I want to promote more mother-father equality in Quebecois families. I even started the podcast Équipe parentale [Team Parent] to go deeper into this issue. Beyond that, I have to admit, I get energized by new experiences. I love to push myself, to transcend challenges, and learn new things. Recently, I made the decision to take over my family’s land. To make this financially viable, I had to sell a few plots. So, I became a real estate agent! (Laughs) When I have an idea in my head, I suddenly gain access to a whole bunch of creativity. And courage.  

What is the main obstacle you’ve had to overcome?  

Though it’s my greatest inspiration, my family is also an obstacle. But I’ve transformed this obstacle into a strength. It’s no small feat to run a small business while keeping such a big family intact. I had to work hard to set up systems to organize my family life and empower my children to stay balanced through it all.  And yet it’s this challenge that feeds my business the most. It’s crazy, isn’t it?


What is your hope for the future?  

I want to create a lasting legacy! I like to imagine that one day, Les Belles Combines will become a household name in Quebec. I secretly dream that one of my children will want to take over the business. With seven kids, I have more than enough chances! (Laughs)  I also have all kinds of new ideas for products and content that I would like to develop to help parents thrive in both their family and professional lives. I’m aiming high. And after years of suffering from imposter syndrome, I’m not afraid to say it. I’m owning my ambition!


What is your daily mantra?  

“There are no problems, only solutions.” This comes from my father. I believe he gave me my greatest strength—creativity. He was never afraid to think outside the box. No matter the problem or obstacle, I make up my mind that there’s a solution out there and I always manage to find it!

We highly recommend Dominique’s book:  

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